New Disguises EP

by Strumstick

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New Disguises was produced entirely in Garageband with loops found online and sounds created with a laptop keyboard (in place of a synthesizer). All vocals were recorded on the Macbook pro internal microphone. The production value leaves something to be desired, but it's the best I could do with the tools I have.

It's still somewhere between amateur and novice, serious and silly, personal and absurd. The album reflects all the electronica influences (progressive house, j-pop, dreampop) that I've grown to love in the last year, and with which I hope to do a lot more.

Meant to be listened to all the way through. Best with good headphones (that'll sound closest to what I intended).


released December 14, 2013



all rights reserved


Strumstick New York, New York

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Track Name: Voight-Kampff, or Winter's Here
Please don't make me
All our time is gone
Winter's here
We have to hold on
Track Name: Beach Day
I ought to go under the sand
Under there I could get a better tan
Laying out on the beach
Someone pass the lotion I can't reach

A day on the beach
A day in the sun
A day for friends to have fun

Who would've known about the scars
She told me when we went back to the car
She never took off her shirt
She told me when I touched it, it still hurt

I lost it in the water...
Track Name: Out of Step
Out of step
I need a little bit of time
To get back

Will you receive me?
If you won't,
I don't know what I have left.
Track Name: New Disguises
I didn't know her name
Or where she came from
She had me all day
And then sent me home

And now in every face
I see your eyes
And now in every place
A new disguise

Who knows where you are?

And now that time has passed
I realize
I shouldn't worship
What she denies

Going out beyond the city
Pay me back; I know you will

Eighty bucks, you know, is shitty
But not enough to kill
Track Name: The Door of Dawn
You know my mind won't stop
Til the girl comes home
But will I find her locked
And myself alone?

I don't know, I don't know
Dunno, dunno, dunno....

Oh, when the world is dark
And the stars are gone
You will find her mark
By the Door of Dawn
Track Name: The Cold in the Water
You know it's ok who I am
There is no way for you now
Love is a game I can plan
Winning I know I would stop
Start at the ocean at four
Four at the ocean is warm
In the water the cold isn't far
The cold in the water is here